Appropriate attire at the Club is a form of courtesy that creates a respect for the Club and a pleasant atmosphere for all members and their guests.  Please make sure you take the time to understand the dress codes, especially in Tackett's, and educate your children. A clean and neat look is expected everywhere in the Club.   

Fox Den Country Club Dress Code 

Tackett’s & Tackett’s Terrace

Permitted Attire: 

Golf, Tennis and Casual Attire; Athletic Shorts; Children’s Athletic Uniforms

Specifically Prohibited:

Swimwear, Men’s Sleeveless Shirts & Tank Tops; Short Shorts & Inappropriate Length Skirts and Dresses; Sweatpants; Hats worn backwards or to the side

Legends, Balcony, Ginty’s & Ginty’s II

Permitted Attire:

Golf, Tennis and Upscale Attire

Specifically Prohibited:

Swimwear; Men’s sleeveless shirts & tank tops; Short shorts & Inappropriate Length Skirts and Dresses; Sweatpants, Sweatshirts; Athletic hats; Athletic shorts; Children’s athletic uniforms

The club requires that gentlemen remove their hats upon entering upstairs in the clubhouse

Golf Course & Facilities

Fox Den members and guests must wear appropriate attire while using the golf course and practice facilities.

 Permitted Attire for Gentlemen:

Hats worn in their appropriate fashion; Slacks; Appropriate length shorts; Tucked in collared shirts (including turtleneck & mock turtleneck shirts)

Permitted Attired for Ladies:

Slacks; Appropriate length skirts, shorts or skorts; Appropriate golf shirts, in keeping with golf apparel trends

Specifically Prohibited for Gentlemen & Ladies:

Cargo shorts/pants (those with pockets on the outside leg of the garment); Cut-off shorts; Athletic shorts; Tennis shorts; Denim clothes; Swimwear; Halter tops; Tank tops; Compression tops/bottoms; Overly revealing clothes of any kind

Gentlemen and lady golfers must wear appropriate footwear at all times. In addition to golf specific shoes, appropriate footwear includes any form of smooth soled spike-less shoes.

Tennis & Fitness Facilities

Fox Den members and guests must wear appropriate attire while using the Tennis Courts and Fitness Facilities.

Permitted Attire: 

Athletic & Tennis Wear

Specifically Prohibited:

Swimwear; Overly revealing clothes of any kind (Ladies must wear a top over sports bras and gentlemen may not be topless.)

Pool Facilities

Permitted Attire:

Swim clothing sold specifically as swimwear. All swimwear must be in good taste and family friendly.

UV protective shirts may be worn in the pool.

Children that are under the age of 3 and/or are not completely toilet-trained MUST wear official swim diapers while in the pool at all times. Regular diapers  or pull-ups covered with rubber pants are NOT permitted.

Specifically Prohibited:

Thong, Brazilian, or similar cut swimwear of any kind.

No undergarments of any kind may be visible